Subscription rate

I have a promo-code

495 per month
11,880 5,940 per year
Trial version
995 per month
23,880 11,940 per year
[[ isCurrentTariff('pro') ? 'Renew' : 'Go' ]]
1,995 per month
47,880 23,940 per year
[[ isCurrentTariff('agency') ? 'Renew' : 'Go' ]]
Free for 7 days, then auto-renewal by tariff price. Turn off in settings.

Standard analysis

Standard analysis

The standard analysis of your website
The standard analysis of your website 20 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Force an update of the analysis
Forced update of analysis. To track the results of work on the site, you can update the analisys right after the changes.
Force an update of the analysis 100 200 500



Complete website analysis
Complete website analysis 5 20 60
Audit of website pages
Audit of website pages 5 websites of 500 pages 20 websites of 1000 pages 60 websites of 3000 pages
Rank Tracker
Number of tracked keywords takes into account all projects.
Rank Tracker 500 keywords 1500 keywords 5000 keywords
Comparison with competitors (amount of competitors)
Compare your website with your competitors' websites by several parameters: social media activity, traffic amount from open sources, links from other domains and pages, micro-marking and domain age.
Comparison with competitors (amount of competitors) 2 5 5
Analysis of your websites updates automatically every 24 hours, so you always have relevant information.
Weekly Report
Every week we send you a letter, in which you can see changes in the most important indicators of the site.
Weekly Report
Tests export
Analysis interface shows up to 100 positions for each test, when exported as CSV-table — up to 1000
Tests export

Additional options

Additional options

Generation of PDF reports
After completing analysis download the results as PDF-file. It can be used as a report or business offer.
Generation of PDF reports 5 20 100
Branding the PDF report
Add company name, description, conclusion and upload your logo.
Branding the PDF report
Via API you can create a new service or complement existing one. Standard and your projects will be available for you, up to 100 requests per hour.
Tools usage (per day)
Tools usage (per day) 10 100 200 255

Promo code

Требуется регистрация

Как работает промо-код

Промо-код на скидку сработает сразу, если одновременно с применением вы оплачиваете тариф. Если у вас настроен автоплатеж через баланс на PR-CY или средства списываются с привязанной банковской карты, нужно активировать промо-код код сейчас, он сработает при ближайшей оплате. Проверить способ оплаты можно в Настройках.

How does free trial period work?

You will get full access to all tools and functions of the service for 7 days. No need to pay, until trial period expires.

Why installation bank card payment is necessary?

This helps to protect our system from scam and lets transfer from trial period to paid subscription without any problems after 7 days.

What happens, if I forget to cancel the subscription?

After 7 days trial, we will charge current tariff price from your bank card. If you forgot to cancel the subscription, you can ask for refund within 24 hours.

How to cancel the subscription?

if you do not like paid service of "Website analysis", you can cancel subscription at any time in payment settings. After that, free period will also finish.

A paid subscription

After your paid subscription you get access to advanced functionality. The system will automatically deduct the monthly fee from your account balance. Cancellation can be made monthly or annually depending on the option selected. If the balance runs out, you will be automatically downgraded to the free rate.

Plan change

Change of tariff plan is free. When switching to another tariff, the remaining days of the current rate will be recalculated in the days of the new tariff, at the expiration of which will be charged the full cost of the new tariff. Next, at the expiration of the subscription period on the tariff, with the balance will be charged the cost of the new tariff automatically.

Tariff recalculation

For instance, you have 10 days of monthly tariff "Start" left.

When tariff is switched to "Profi", 10 days are converted into rubles: 10 days * 990 rubles/month = 330 rubles.

Then into additional days of new tariff: 330 rubles / 1990 rubles/months = 4,97 days. So, after the switch you will get 1 month and approximately 5 days of subscription to tariff "Profi".