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Audit pages of the website
We find problems with the headers, duplicates, meta tags, speed, and more.

Search engines


Yandex IKS

the index of the quality of a site is an indicator of how useful your website is for users from the point of view of Yandex.

When calculating the quality index takes into account the audience size of the website, behavioral factors and data for Yandex services. The value of the index is regularly updated.

If the site has mirror, other mirror site will be equal to the amount of main.

the Index of the X subdomain of the site, as a rule, equal to the amount of the primary domain.

Check Yandex X (mass test)

Yandex Signs
User-choice User selection 0 of 5

Pupular A popular website 0 of 5

Next to the address of the website in Yandex search results can appear signs based on data about user behavior. Such signs may be indicative of user satisfaction and trust on the site.

Popular website receives the token, if it has high traffic and a dedicated audience.

Select users — sign get websites with a high degree of engagement and loyalty of users according to Yandex.


4  -4



Filter AGS
Filter is not found.

Your website is all right.

To avoid getting into filters fill your website with qualitative and useful information.

AGS is a filter of Yandex search engine. It is used for detecting sites with useless content which are created as usually for references selling. Yandex added them to blacklist with help of AGS algorithm.

Instead of excluding such sites from search they would get zero TIC Also this change spreads on all the sites whict were found by AGS earlier. References from such sites would not be considered in the ranking and sites themselves would get lower rank.

Virus Scan

Button for website

Place a button with a X on the Yandex website. The button shows the current index of X and allows you to quickly start analyzing the website.




Number of visitors

Система продвижения в Яндекс и Google   Подключить
Alex rating

Position in the world: 19,701,435   1,874,984

builds the Alexa ranking sites on the basis of data that are sent to the Central server from users who installed a browser plug-in. For Runet sample obtained is very small, so the data is inaccurate. The rating makes calculations only for second level domains. If you have a blog on a blogging platform, you will see information about the entire platform at once, and not about the blog.

Search queries Yandex.Webmaster

Analysis of all pages

The scan site

Audit pages

  • error responses pages;
  • download speed and slow pages;
  • problem with title and description;
  • problem with the H1 header.
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Server Information

Additional domains

Register other popular TLDs for the convenience and protection of the brand against cybersquatters.

To check availability (







Данные MegaIndex

Продвижение сайта
Сервис SEO продвижения сайта     Подключить
Позиции вашего сайта – Жмешь обновить, 5 секунд и все на виду.
Позаботьтесь о своем сайте

Подключите платную версию анализа, чтобы контроль над сайтом, возможность быстро реагировать на проблемы и быть вкурсе происходящего.

  • Анализ не только главной, но внутренних страниц сайта
  • Автоматическое ежедневное обновление, сохранение истории
  • Сравнение данных с конкурентами
  • Подключение и вывод тестов из Яндекс Вебмастера, Google Analytics
  • Еженедельные отчеты на почту об изменениях сайта, событиях: вирусы, продление домена, SSL, изменения Robots.txt

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